Who We Are

The Beatrice Adepate Ojeshina (BAO) Foundation is a non-governmental organization (NGO) that focuses on helping the less privileged in society.

We aim to facilitate the creation of a better life for orphans and also to bring an end to human and sex trafficking.

In addition, we have been inspired and taught by God that the way to truly impact the world positively, is by raising and developing future generations; the decision-makers and changers of tomorrow.

Thus, one of our core focus is also to facilitate programmes aimed at raising children with a sense of purpose and drive who will become agents of positive change in their communities and nation.

BAO helps revive orphans and individuals who have been victims of human and sex trafficking by partnering with local sponsors and child agencies to provide them with the best aid and care.

Our foundation with the help of our partners also puts in place monitoring programmes to help facilitate the transition of each individual into becoming a healthy and active member of society.

We equip them with the necessities to thrive and boost their self-perception, self-esteem, and positivity.

In order to continue to enhance our reach and the scope of our programmes, we welcome partnerships and sponsorships in the following key areas:

• Provision of Quality Education (formal and informal)
• Health Care
• War on Trafficking
• General Welfare Outreach programmes.

One of our major projects in currently situated at Abeokuta in Ogun State Nigeria. This project which is tagged “The 1001 Boys & Girls Club” is designed to provide a means where indigent but intelligent and extremely talented children between ages of 8 – 16 can benefit from quality education which they are unable to get in their present circumstances.

The goal is to train 1001 Boys and also 1001 Girls, equipping them with the right knowledge, skills and also instilling in them the right character which will give them a sense of purpose and drive to be agents of change in their communities and nation.

Participants in the 1001 Boys and Girls Club of Nigeria will receive support to enable them grow in any of the following areas of interest:

– Formal Education: This will involve sending participants in this category to quality schools from the Primary level to the Higher Institution

– Sports: Participants who enroll in the programme for sports development, will receive world-class coaching and mentoring from top coaches within and outside Nigeria

– Music: Participants who enroll in the music programme will receive tutoring aimed at making them skilled in playing multiple instruments and also singing

– Informal Education/Entrepreneurship: Participants enrolled for this programme will be trained to acquire vocational skills in sectors such as Sewing, Catering, Technicians, Farming and more

Although, the project is currently starting from Abeokuta, the goal is that by the grace of God, the BAO Foundation will go on to help the lives of children all over the world.